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World's most expensive sportser
1984 Sportser, pretty beat up, lots of miles, for $80,000,000. Hate to sell it, but I could use the money.
No shipping. You'll need to pick it up. Bring a truck and a friend or two. It's heavy.
This Contact Seller
Last edited on: Saturday February 19, 2011
Only driven to church on Sundays.
Special deal for $54,000,000. Low mileage (but the odometer doesn't work anymore).
This is just a test post. My fighter jet is not for sale. Contact Seller
Changed some stuff
So gotta test again Contact Seller
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test verbiage
Some verbiage Contact Seller
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test post again
another test Contact Seller
test post More stuff that I have pictures of
t's hard to get this information from the police or the courts for two reasons: 1) Many tickets are negotiated in court and 2) speed limits, while originally designed to conserve fuel during the energ Contact Seller
Test Post
Just to have a bunch of posts so I can test the board. I will delete them after testing. Contact Seller
Test Post for another posting
Just a test, if this was an actual test. here is some verbiage from Yahoo.
Three things that you can always bank on; death, taxes, and Jim Gray getting into it with some athlete or coach.
The latest Contact Seller
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test posting
Trying the photo upload and then save to make sure that photo is required first. Yep - it worked, so I'll add a photo and see if it keeps the changes. Contact Seller
test add
just trying to add more ads to test the page limit function Contact Seller